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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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san francisco where two dozen people are displaced after a fire burned through two apartment buildings. tara moriarty is on the scene and has more from the residents woke up from early morning alarms. >> reporter: firefighters are on the scene here but most have left. if you take a look over here you can see there are char marks coming out of the side of the building. that is when crews first arrived they noticed the flames and it quickly spread to the unit next door here on third. about two dozen people now out of their homes. two buildings with flats. the flames broke out just before 1:00 this morning. residents said they heard the alarms going off and people pounding on their doors. >> it was balls of fire. just going up and up. and pyres popping and just flames. and then scooted over to this one right here.
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and we look around and it's like a whole other house on the side just flaming out on the side. >> reporter: two firefighters received minor injuries. one hurt his knee and elbow. another suffered smoke inhalation. investigators are trying to figure out what started it all. >> right now it's under investigation. took pg&e gas awhile to get out here. they eventually mitigated that. this building was fully involved. we had to hit it from the exterior. we did stop it from spreading. >> residents say the fire appears to have started between the two buildings in a garbage shoot but we won't know until the arson team completes its investigation. we did speak with the owner of the two buildings and we'll tell you what he had to say. live in san francisco's bay view district i'm tara moriarty. this morning in part two of the same sex marriage hearing
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the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the defense of marriage act. rene marsh is right in front of the supreme court building this morning with the issues expected to be addressed in court this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you know, in just about 2 2.5 hours from now the justices will be zeroing in on the defense of marriage act. they define it as between a man and a woman and that is exactly what the justices will be hearing arguments on both for and against the federal law. >> reporter: protest outside the supreme court is loud and passionate and have a message. >> my family like everyone elses demand our full fundamental rights. >> reporter: opponents of gay marriages not as vocal but they are in the crowd too.
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holding signs baring their message. tuesday they converged outside the supreme court as the nine justices heard oral arguments on the constitutionality of california's same sex marriage ban known as proposition 8. the justices decision could impact families nation-wide. >> there is some 40,000 children in california. according to the red brief that live with same sex parents. the voice of those children is important. >> you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the facts of the this institution which is newer than cell phones or the internet? >> reporter: wednesday the justices will shift focus to the defense of marriage act. does congress have the right to say one couple has certain rights but another does not. the justice department will not be defending the federal law known as doma here at the u.s.
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supreme court all back -- court. back to you pam. >> we posted the full transcript of the prop 8 oral arguments just click on the same sex marriage tab. a contra costa county sheriffs deputy crashes a patrol car while responding to a car. it happened at 1:00 this morning in richmond parkway. the deputies swerved to avoid crashing into a car which caused his patrol car to flip on its side into the center divide. the chp assays the officer was treated for minor cuts and bruises. this morning's commute marks a new era for those on the golden gate bridge. this was the scene at midnight as the toll takers left their booths for the very last time. this morning no toll collectors for the first time in the 76 year history of the world famous span. the bridge has switched to an
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all electronic toll system which is designed to save both time and money. >> it's a change that will speed up traffic on weekends. it saves us money. and it also offers the customer a lot more ways to pay their toll. >> under the new system, drivers will pay their tolls using digital prance transponders. cash will no longer be accepted. bay area leaders will hold a special meeting to discuss a big bolt problem on the cal bridge. 31 giant bolts have snapped. and may need to replace 300 bolts once the entire repair project is completed. despite the issue cal tran says the bridge is still safe and the bolt problem will not delay the scheduled opening of the bridge on labor day weekend. incredible story. eight-year-old girl is recovering after being shot in the leg with an arrow during a
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class field trip to berkeley's lawrence hall of science. it happened at 10:00 yesterday morning when the girl was playing outside. investigators say they don't know if it was intentional or an accident. right now they are still trying to figure out where that arrow came from. the girl had to have the arrow surgically removed. we have an update on a story we've been following for months for outdoor medical marijuana grows. they decided to bang outdoor cultivation after neighborhood complained. at last nights meeting most of the speakers didn't want all marijuana farms forced indoors. >> it would make the price you know more expensive. it would increase scarcity and ultimately increase the criminality associated with it. >> physical plants are an invitation to break ins and robbery. >> et makes it illegal to grow marijuana where you can see it through an opening like a window. the ban is supposed to go into
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effect before june. banning bottled water at national parks opinion an environmental group wants to do just that. coming up the two national parks now being targeted and what the group will be doing today in san francisco. free wi-fi could be offered city-wide in santa clara. city leaders are expected to make an announcement about the free service. it will be provided by silicon valley power. it replaces an older system that only patrol sided free wi- fi in parts of the city. time now 4:37. middle part of the week. hopefully traffic won't be so bad. sal has the answers right now. how are you doing? >> doing well brian and pam. good morning, to you. of course today we are going to be watching the golden gate bridge we talked about how there are no more toll takers. what you need to know you should not stop. if you're watching the program, you are probably aware. we've been talking about it for a long time. but you might see someone who is going to be confused. let's go to the golden gate
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bridge right now and traffic is pretty light. your job is to be extra alert as you drive through. pay attention to the people around you. someone will try to stop. that's what they don't want you to do. don't stop. it's so light i don't see any cars coming through. we'll be watching that all day. let's move along to the toll plaza. westbound the traffic here looks pretty good. it's also very light with no major problems here. and if you're driving on san jose and there goes the train. northbound 280 getting up through highway 17 the traffic is moving along very well. i don't know why it's so cool when the train happens to go across when we do our traffic stop. let's go to steve. >> somebody needs to raise the get there. i didn't see anybody. >> i didn't see anybody either. >> we have a little shower activity to the north.
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you can see some rain for those that watch. steve why don't you mention us up here in fort bragg? crescent city. there is a honey doo, pam. a little bit of rain up toward elle more. for us there could be a little showers. mainly it's clouds coming in here. 40s and 50s on the temps. the breeze has been out of the west. continues to be a westerly breeze. it's kind of variable. still 40s for many in the mountains due to the cloud cover. 50s and 60s down to southern california. a little clipping us. could be a few light showers today and tomorrow. the main system is right here. that is the one that will drop in and probably play into our weekend weather. it looks like cloudy skies will take us into saturday and maybe rain on saturday into monday. today partly sunny and cloudy. everything starts to fall apart
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or change. thursday, friday won't be too bad but we will get a lot of clouds. it will be very mild to warm with a south wind coming in advance of that. possible light rain but mainly to the north. otherwise a mix of sun and clouds. 50s and 60s or very, very low s thursday. breezy and warmer on friday. cloud it up on saturday. sunday looks like rain. cameras were rolling when a strong earthquake shook taiwan overnight. it struck the central part of the country but felt as far as 150 miles away. a 72-year-old woman died when a temple collapsed on her while 19 others were injured for falling debris. now if you lifelong the coast you may hear loud sirens. the state emergency management systems will be testing out
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tsunami warnings. in the north bay emergency workers will use a plane to broadcast information to the public. and test out a telephone communication system and have message boards in place. keep in mind it's just a test. >> i think i need to down load that as an alarm. that will get me out of bed. new surveillance video of a potentially dangerous man. the abduction he is accused of in oakland. seven hour standoff in a motel. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. highsless to yesterday. 50s and 60s and low 70s. 4:44. a wanted parolee is behind bars after a seven-hour standoff with morgan hill police. a swat team moved in after firing tear gas into a motel
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room where the suspect barricaded himself with a woman. the gas canisters left large holes in the window. a ktvu news crew took exclusive pictures of the mess left inside the room. the incident began when the officer traced a stolen car in the motel parking lot. police say he claimed to have a gun although no weapons were found in the room. oakland police are looking for a man they say could be a predator. surveillance video shows the man on a cell phone. he is pacing the sidewalk at 94th avenue and b street.  the man walked into the front yard of a nearby home and tried to abduct a nine-year-old girl. when she screamed family and neighbors came outside. police say the man left in a silver honda. investigators in napa are trying to figure out o whether a man found engulfed in flames was killed or committed suicide. they spotted the burning body on a pedestrian bridge.
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firefighters managed to put out the flames but the man died on the bridge. time now 4:45. in his first public appearance since resigning david petraeus is apologizing to supporters. >> i regret and apologize for the circumstances that led to my resignation from the cia. >> the retired four-star general appeared yesterday at the university of southern california. he was there to honor veterans and reserve officers in training. supporters sacred's appearance could mark his return to public life. last year petraeus -- oakland wants to limit the computation of its new police department. they appointed thomas frazier to the position this month.
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frazier's base salary is $270,000. he could also convert $18,000 in medical care and executive leave to cash. the dispute is over retirement benefits. the city said he should receive another $200,000 as a part-time worker. california could soon change its laws about flame retar dents used in furniture. the chemicals have been required in furniture since the 1970s. firefighters support a change that would allow furniture makers to not use those retar dents if their products pass a test of a smoldering fire. the final decision will be up to the governor. environmental group wants yosemite national park to stop selling bottled water. the group wants the parks to encourage people to use tap water instead. 14 national parks have already banned the sell of bottled
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water. later they will hold an event to try to get support from the park superintendent. samsung will stay in san jose after the city offered it a deal worth $7 million. the south korean electronics giant will be able to expand its offices and gets a break on construction, traffic, utility fees and other tax breaks. mayor chuck reid says the city of austin was using similar ideas to lure samsung to texas. >> when samcame to me -- samsung came to me they figured it was a million dollar difference. >> and they say it's a reminder that in silicon valley you have to spend money to make money. san jose hp pavilion may soon get a new name. hp ceo meg whitman wants out of the $47 million naming.
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software company sap is interested to taking over the rights. the sacramento city council has formerly approved the arena deal designed to save the city's nba franchise. the vote came last night during a packed city council meeting. it would pay half of what is needed to build the basketball arena. sacramento's arena plan will now go before a panel of nba openers one week from today. they will weigh sacramento's plan along with a competing arena proposal from seattle. 4:49 is the time. back over to sal. we know the fire is definitely going to effect traffic in that area. >> it is. and right now it's light there, pam and brian on in the bay view on third street there. tara will let us know more. let's take a look at the
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commute now on 80 westbound. you can see traffic is moving along relatively well as you drive through. there are no major problems driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza you will see traffic that moves well. also this morning we're looking at the peninsula and 280 in san jose. that traffic is moving along nicely. now to steve. >> thank you. a couple light showers up toward the north coast. for us partly cloudy skies. low clouds continue to march in here. a mix of sun and clouds today. 40s and 50s. had a more pronounced westerly breeze. 40s for many due to the cloud cover. even in the mountains and up to the north coast with 50s and 60s to the south. nothing extreme here. the system for the weekend is beginning to show itself. coming right down out of the gulf of alaska. which could give us a little
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drizzle or few light showers tomorrow. the main player will be this system. today partly sunny and partly cloudy. unless you are up toward the north coast. the system coming in now it will probably slow down. it looks like it's due on sunday. for thursday and friday clouds south wind and very mild to warm. could get mid 70s in advance of that cloudy and saturday. that is the way things are shaping up and maybe rain found the first weekend in april possibly. maybe things are changing. 50s and 60s for temps today for to near 70. not much of a change from yesterday. very, very close. there will be more clouds. there will probably be hit and misshowers. it looks cloudy on saturday and got to go with rain on sunday. time now 4:51. coming up gun violence victimizes an oakland family once again. the similarities between a shooting that is five years apart. unusual rescue in southern
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california. the uninvited guest found lounging in a luxury hotel.
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oakland woman has lost another adult child to a shooting. 29-year-old kimberly harvey was gunned down yesterday in front of a convenient store in west oakland. she just celebrated her birthday two weeks ago. the gunman walked up to her,
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fired several shots and then left in a getaway car. >> i hope they put into effort of what happened to my baby and my son. >> harvey's then 2006 brother was shot and killed in almost the exact same spot. his killer was never found and it's unclear whether the two shootings are related. san jose police have a sketch of a woman that stole a jeep with an 11-month-old boy bay by inside. she is described as la tee that. the vehicle and the baby girl were recovered a few hours later. the baby was not harmed. investigators say 28-year-
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old karen brewer was under the influence of alcohol when he hit her. he pled not guilty to felony charges in connection with the death. time now 4:54. agency is asking for public opinion on revamping polk street. last night another community meeting was held to discuss what to do when it's repaved in 2013. adding bike lanes and small grass areas. critics say this would reduce the number of available parking spaces. supporters say it would bring in more business. coming up on 5:00. as you cross the golden gate bridge today remember also speed limit is increased to 25 miles an hour. so drivers be ware out there. sorry sal if i took your thunder. >> no. what we need to remind people some people may be confused. they may try to stop i think our viewers have heard. not everyone watches us. >> oh my gosh.
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>> we're trying to change that. >> we need to. >> i know right. let's go on a viral twitter campaign. southbound 101 golden gate bridge the traffic is moving well doing the lane configuration right now. cars are coming through. there are no more toll takers. you cannot pay cash. again if you are watching we've been talking about this for the whole day. if you drive through make sure you pay attention to other people who may try to stop. that is exactly what the bridge doesn't want. don't stop. just keep daveing through. and if you don't have any sort of account they will find you via the mail. now let's move along taking a look at the bay bridge the traffic here does look good. they still have toll takers there for people who are prepared to pay cash. now let's go to steve. >> if they mail you something it's $6 and if they don't pay it's $25. good morning.
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some shower activity to the north and partly cloudy skies over us. little weak ripple in the jet stream producing very light rain. mendocino county and lake county north. for us partly cloudy skies will continue. everything streaming right off the pacific. 40s and 50s on the temps. the wind is really on the calm side. 33 up in tahoe. 40s for many and 50s and 60s. kind of a quiet pattern statewide. not much in the way of rain. expect up toward extreme northern parts. the system we are watching is right there. it will be here starting on friday. cloud us up on saturday. today partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. breezy and warm friday into saturday. it looks like sunday and monday could get rain out here. a little breezy at times but nearly at bad as yesterday. 50s and 60s and low 70s. by the coast with that westerly breeze cool side inland low 70s on the mild to warm side. few showers possible thursday and clouding up and very mild
4:58 am
and warm on friday. cloudy mainly on saturday. looks like rain arrives on sunday. very cute uninvited guest hadith be rescued from a hotel. it was a sea lion pup that wondered into a hotel in la jolla. when passengers showed up -- when guests showed up it was shown lounging on a chair. she was a little dehydrated but she is doing good. >> and la jolla she has very good taste. coming up next in our 5:00 hour a fatal shooting outside a bart station. how that deadly incident earlier this month is leading to changes. also an update on our big news from san francisco. a huge fire in the city's bay view district. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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same sex marriage hearings. the case the supreme court will review this morning. a problem on the new


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